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Why Us

Behrens & Brown Wealth Management has a passion for helping everyone we serve achieve true financial peace of mind, secure their legacy, and live life DIFFERENTLY. While we serve clients across a diverse set of industries and occupations, we have a unique skillset serving corporate leaders (State Farm employees/retirees), community banks, and those transitioning to and through retirement.

State Farm

In-depth knowledge of State Farm benefit and retirement programs, including pensions, 401(k) and Roth 401(k), and insurance gaps.

Comprehensive financial planning approach that takes into consideration a client’s entire financial picture, including assets included in State Farm's benefit programs.

While we are based in State Farm's backyard in Bloomington, IL, we regularly leverage technology to add value to our State Farm clients located across the country.

Behrens & Brown Wealth Management is not affiliated with State Farm.   This information has not been reviewed, approved or endorsed by State Farm and is provided for general education purposes only. This information is not intended as tax or legal advice.  Financial Representatives don’t render tax advice.  Consult with a tax or legal professional for advice specific to your situation.  Employees should refer to their official benefit plan documents from their employer for the final say on all plan benefits.  

Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI)

Knowing each community bank has distinctive needs, we take care to thoroughly walk through a specialized process to assess an existing program or create a custom solution to fit the unique needs of the bank.

Implementing BOLI to informally finance new or existing non-qualified executive benefit plans to attract, retain and reward key people. Providing guidance through the pre-purchase analysis, ongoing service reporting, and annual post-purchase risk assessments.

Retirement Transitions

Provide clarity on where one stands in relation to their retirement goals that translates into confidence when making their retirement decision.

Develop a plan to provide for an appropriate ongoing income stream in retirement.

Create awareness of future potential that reduces the risk of looking back one day with regret that one didn't maximize their most limited resources...time.

Perspective on potential pitfalls that can only come from experience helping hundreds of individuals and families successfully make their retirement dreams reality.